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How to choose a right RFID System

A RFID system is made up of tags, readers, and software that collect and record data with little or no human involvement. Systems may also include barcodes, biometrics, voice recognition and robotics to complement the system. Each system is customized to the enterprise it serves, usually through a RFID integrator, but basically, each system connects assets to tags to an ID database.

An initial consideration when you are considering a RFID system must be about the kind of monitoring you need.  Some questions to ask yourself are:

§ Do you need real time monitoring?

§ Is your environment a high speed environment?

§ Are the assets surveyed going to be a long distance from the reader?

§ Are some asset positions impossible to place in the direct sight of a reader?

§ Do you need a tight layer of security?

§ What is your price point?

§ How large is the area you want to cover?

§ Do you want to monitor points of congestion or zones?

§ Is the asset you’re monitoring an expensive item?

§ How precise does your data need to be?

§ How much data storage do you need?

Depending upon your environment and project needs, you’ll have to choose a RFID system that can handle a few different scenarios: an active tag implementation, a Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) implementation or a passive tag implementation.


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