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How RFID assist hospital to deal with emergency in Austria

Innsbruck University Hospital introduced RFID system, whenthe health care encounters aggressive patients, they are able to provideimmediate assistance. Another system is used in drinking trouble, psychiatricwards and other emergency situations encountered in handling the event. Twosystems are using semi-active RFID Tag and RTLS applications.

Emergency RFID application system was opened in September 2010. Approximatelyfifty hospital medical staff were equipped with RFID Tag. The long Range UHF RFID integrated reader is controlled by UHF , if anemergency situation occurs, you can press the button, the system willautomatically lock your position, and notify the relevant personnel to provideassistance. Once the signal is given, it will send out alarm to inform otherstaff when an emergency situation occurs.

If someone sent signal, the system administrator will receive the message, and getthe location on the screen. According to the position that the screen shows,the manager can provide assistance by notifying the relevant personnel. Thesystem can record time that device sent signals by using different computers tomanage.

Due to privacy restrictions and many legaldisputes in Austria, therefore RFID devices do not belong to the individuals,and employees do not want to be tracked at any time.

If emergencies gain control or existingpersonnel arrive at the scene, massagers who sent a message could use RFIDdevices to inform other staff that situation has been controlled. The hospitalsaid that their purpose is to introduce an easy-operating system. Health careworkers do not need to leave the scene in the situation, but offered to assist.

Another RFID was applied in psychiatricwards on May 2010, to help doctors to face up with mental illness and suddenemergencies.

The hospital has introduced the positioningsystem, but its effect is not as good as expected. Therefore, the hospitalbegan to cooperate with the system provider ProAct, to integrate the originalsystem.

UHF RFID Integrated Reader 6M Long Range SYNCOTEK SR-RU-101Q

System -based ProAct is imported by Tagsignal emitted, transmitted by Wi-Fi with related information to back-endsystems .The system will lock their position and transmit signals.

System builder said that the application ofthe system can be used to amplify its original function. For example: it can beused to track the location of the mentally ill , to prevent unauthorizedpatients leaving from the hospital district ; identify whether the patient isaccompanied based on beside tag display device. If the patient in the case ofunaccompanied or leave the hospital area, the system will emit a warning tone.

The system can also be used to track medical equipment, and shorten patients’waiting time. When patients see the doctor on admission, they will be issuedTag, if the system shows that a number of patients still awaiting, operators canask for assistance ; or send a notification to the patient directly.

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