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How RFID reader target your employees ?

Companies using RFID technology is becoming the trend in 2016.
RFID management play an important role in personnel management, especially in big factory.
RFID reader technology and tagging is better introduced in our modern world.


Now let us share with you about RFID solution as below.

1.Why we needRFID identification system for personnel management?

RFIDsystem focuses on solving the problem of factory staff management, to bring convenience for managers. At the same time, it addresses a number of management problems in factory, reduce accidents, protect the safety of workers, and avoid accidents.

2.What are the RFID system components ?

This RFID system design is the result of use of wireless sensor networks and RFID radio frequency identification technology.
We developed a complete and efficient intelligent management system by installing RFID hardware and the corresponding software, the actual situation of the factory personnel management.

3.Do you know the features of the RFID tagging System ?

  •  Advanced RFID tags and reader

  • RFID tag technology does not require light source, we can even read data via external material. On one hand, RFID tags have long life, and can work in harsh environments; On another hand,

  • RFID readers
  • can read far and write fast. What is more, RFID tag content can be dynamically changed; Multiple RFID labels can be handled at the same time. Also, there is password to protect tag data access to make information more secure; That is how RFID tag attachments can be positioned and tracked.

  • Mature RFID tracking system with good compatibility and scalability
    RFID tracking system is typical of varies advantages. Such as low cost, low power consumption, good stability and confidentiality. RFID can run independently, does not depend on other systems. We design it ,based onthe network, host, operating system, database, security, and reliability.
    The working of RFID system uses advanced computer technology, and has good scalability. The open architecture and long-term life-cycle is able to meet the requirements of developing new features. That is why RFID system can achieve seamless connectivity via GPRS or serial data obtained.


4.What is the RFID solution?

RFID system distribute a passive tag for each worker in factory. A unique ID number is stored and tagged as worker's unique identification. It concludes name, title, contact information, and relevant departments.

  • First, install a passive fixed reader at the door in the administration building and production plant, RFID reader can automatically swipe the tags, when workers pass through the front door.

  • Second, set access permission for employees in different departments. After setting authority, employees only can enter their own allowed range areas, if unauthorized access to non-permitted area, the RFID reader would automatically alarm.

  • Third, install RFID reader in each workshop, and set permissions, so that workers between workshop 1 and 2 are not allowed to step, otherwise the RFID reader writer would alarm.

With the help of the records of a card reader, workers can be targeted, for example, when employee A is entering into a administration building, the UHF RFID Integrated Reader would read the tag of workers, send the information to the host computer, and record the worker's trail.
That is how RFID readertarget regional workers.

About Syncotek:
Syncotek is a global RFID reader manufactuer &card reader provider over 10 years in China.
For more detials,pls be free to visit our website:www.syncotek.com.

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