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SYNCOTEK Vending Machine for card sale solution

Recent years,more and more public places install Self-service kiosks,such as ATM,Phone card vending machine,Self-service payment kiosks etc. SYNCOTEK is a professional hardware solution provider in China,we not only provide card readers,card dispensers,receipt printers,but also can do integration and offer a completed kiosk if need,we have strong R&D and technical team.

Vending machine for card sale solution is customized for one customer,this machine built in our card dispenser,receipt printer and bill acceptor,customer provide the controller and develop the software payment system. You can install the kiosk in any public places,people can insert cash to buy cards then enjoy your service,such as food,play,wash clothing etc,meanwhile,people can also top-up for their card from this machine,especially our kiosk is small.



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