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Temperature control through UHF temperature RFID Reader

The small form factor and low cost of passive RFID temperature tags open a wide range of manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical and industrial uses, among others. Notably, passive temperature sensors reduce the cost of telemetry – deploying many sensors for real-time temperature mapping across assets and within a facility.

In all applications, the data can be logged and alarms set when temperatures fall outside a specified range. The precision and placement of the RFID sensor tags on a range of materials generates quality data at unprecedented scale.

For industrial and manufacturing environments, predictive maintenance gets easier with passive RFID sensors monitoring mechanical plant and equipment temperatures. Temperature monitoring protects motors, bearings and other parts embedded in industrial equipment or exposed to variable electrical systems. Passive sensing can support cooling equipment (HVAC) efficiency, too.

For hospitals, a wearable, disposable sensor tag can travel with the patient, monitoring and recording temperature across a campus.

For warehousing and data centers, passive RFID supports monitoring environmental and bulk material temperatures, as well as data center chiller and cooling monitoring.

For cold chain applications, RFID temperature tags can live in trucks, refrigerators or thermal bags, supporting long term monitoring of food and medicine. The combination of geolocation and temperature data is especially powerful in alerting for variances and proving that routes and allowed temperatures were observed.

For agriculture, passive temperature sensors can be combined with passive moisture sensors in greenhouses and other green spaces to monitor and regulate a growing environment. Livestock temperature can be monitored to manage breeding stock and separate sick animals from the herd.



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