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Software-freeUHF RFID Parking Solution

The civilization has always a subject ofthe RFID technology since 1960s. RFID Engineers and RFID companies have been trying to introduce it to their own filed all the time. In the 90s, RFID parking solution providers realized that UHF technology can make things easier.

IN their system the devices they will useare: longrange integrated UHF reader fixed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, desktop reader for authorization of the tags, vehicle tags, and barriers.And a PC with parking management software. The integrated reader and barrierwill be connected with the management software. This kind of RFID system is widelyadapted in the world.

Nowadays, some engineers and CEOs start to think, why I need to park software for this if I only need to control barrier,it's a simple job and software is very money and time consuming. CEOs want to cut the cost and engineers want to make things easier for them. They start tothink can all the jobs done by the hardware only?

AS a RFID solution provider, Syncotek also have the same question. We start to thinkwhy not let the integrated reader control the barrier. Thanks those smart guys in Syncotek,they came up with a great and genius idea:

Why not store the information in theintegrated reader, when a car approaches, the reach will check if theinformation it get from the tags is in the storage or not, if yes, the read"tells" the barrier to do the UP/DOWN job, if not, no action will betaken. This seems workable, but how the reader "tells", a reply wasintroduced for the job.

SO the RFID solution will be like this: alltags will be stored in the reader with big buffer, reader will control thebarrier via relay.
It's that simple Now let's see what we can cut by using thissolution.

  • A. PCs at every entrance and exit;

  • B. Parking management software;

  • C. Devices for authorize the tags tosoftware;

  • D. The network is simple, so it's morestable;

Software-free UHF RFID Parking Solution 

 NOW Syncotek is introducing this software-free solution to residential parking solution providers.

About Syncotek:
Syncotek is a global RFID reader manufactuer&smart card reader provider over 10 years in China.

For more detials,pls be free to visit our website:www.syncotek.com


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