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What is an RFID chip

Now, with the development of RFID technology - RFID tags,RFID chips have become an important part in our daily life, believe it or not.
Barcodes will soon exit the stage of history.
Barcode patent was issued in 1952, and since then, it has been widely used, particularly in grocery stores and department stores.
In fact, barcode appeared long before the 1950s. In 90s, it was widely believed to be a new technology.

We human beings are always eager to adopt better and more advanced technology.
RFID technology was invented in the 1969, and the patent of RFID was awarded in 1973. RFID tag is actually a microchip.

RFID chip is a transponder, or what we call transmitter / transponder. It is always ready to receive radio signals from a transceiver or RFID reader.

RFID chips would make a response after receiving a specific radio signal, which means RFID chips own unique ID code and would send back to the transceiver. There is no battery for most RFID chip itself. So RFID chips usually begin working when the wireless signal wakes up and get a response from them.

Compared with bar codes, RFID chip has many advantages. There is no restrictions for how to place RFID chips.rfid

The only requirement is that the RFID chip must be placed within a coverage area of the reader, it can not be separated from water or a metal. RFID chip has a written protection feature, The saved RFID tag data can only be read or modified by authorized users.

RFID chips can be divided into two categories, namely the use of chip technology and the use of active passive chip technology. Early on, the production cost of RFID chips is high, but experts predict that sooner or later RFID manufacturers will reduce their prices.

RFID chips can be used for most goods and even for life on Earth.

RFID chips are widely used in the field of security, such as at the airport, the cargo ,and the luggage, in order to reduce lost luggage rate and simplify the tracking of baggage in the event of any technical failure. When the customer's flight plan changes, RFID chip can also help staff modify the luggage transport travel.

There are several well-known RFID manufacturers and retailers use RFID chips to manage supply chain processes, from production to shipping, and then put the goods on store shelves. For example, one of the largest employers- RetailGiant in the United States use of "smart shelves" that can automatically alert administrators and staff of complementary items on the shelves.


Wal-Mart and other large supermarket expect all vendors to support RFID tracking, so that they will can know the goods without having to open each box or use a barcode scanner but just use a RFID reader pointing to sealed cargo containers. In addition, banks also try to issue new Visa cards, and take the advantages of smart cards with RFID chips together. So that customers can easily complete the transaction without any cash or coin case.

These smart card reader can also be installed to your phone or other electronic devices, helping users to pay for parking fees or purchase goods. The use of RFID chips tracking in asset can reduce the loss of assets or misplaced, improving the security.

The use of RFID chips can improve the security of sensitive goods, as well as can be used as an additional means of verification.

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