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Access control system technology

Access control system technology

Access control system, alsoknown as entrance exit control system, it  is a intelligent control system used to manage theentering or leaving of personals and goods.  There are some common access control systems,such as: the use of password authentication accepted access control systems,non-contact IC card reader authenticationaccess control system, fingerprint, iris, palm-type finger vein biometricaccess control systems in general.
Access Control System Principles
Entrance access control security management systemis a new modern safety management system, which combines computer automaticidentification technology and modern safety measures as a whole, it involves alot of new technology in electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology,communications technology, biotechnology and so on. It is an effective measureto solve the important sectors entrance implement security management. For avariety of confidential sectors, such as banks, hotels, server rooms, armory, confidentialroom, office, intelligence community, factories and so on.

The hardwarecan be divided into:

  • Multifunction Scanner: get laboratory personnel’spalm information and transfer to the host.

  • Host: Accept palm information that transmitted fromthe multifunction scanner and judgment to the controller orders and acceptingcontroller information.

  • Controller: receiving orders from the host, andexecuted.

  • Motor: command execution controller, drive gearmovement.

  • Transmission: transmitting motion between the motorand the door.

  • Sensor: human through induction.

  • Alarm system: alarm when illegally entering thelaboratory experiments.

In the rapid development of digital technology andnetwork technology today, access technology also has been rapid development.Access control system goes beyond the mere doorway and key management, it hasevolved into a complete access control system. It plays a huge role in a safeworking environment, personnel attendance management and other administrativework.
Increase in the corresponding auxiliary equipmenton the basis of the system can be elevator control, vehicle access control,property fire control, security patrol management, catering management fees, atruly regional smart card management.

Palm-type fingerprint iris biometric access controlsystem is of high security, but the cost is high, due to the rejection rate andstorage capacity for applications bottlenecks, it have not been widely acceptedby the market. Now the most popular and common is non-contact IC card accesscontrol system. Non-contact IC card system is become into the mainstream becauseof its high safety, convenience and the best cost performance.
Functions of access control system should meet theactual needs, not flashy. If one-sided pursuit of system of advanced, certainlywill cause excessive investment, from the actual need to drift too far. Therefore,the system's utility is the first principle to be followed. At the same time, thefront-end systems and system software products need have good learnability andoperability. Especially operability (convenience), so with the primary computeroperating level management personnel, by simple training can master the systemoperating essentials, to be able to complete the task on duty operating level.
The access control system is an ongoing long-term worksystem, and are closely related to our normal life and work, so the stabilityof the system is very important. System requirements for the product to have amature market success application experience, with the right customer base andcustomer service system.
Access control system, all equipment andaccessories in a safe and reliable operation performance, but also in line withthe relevant international safety standards, and to work effectively in anon-ideal environment. Powerful real-time monitoring and alarm linkage functionto provide fully guarantee the safety of the user environment.
Access Control System technology continues to move forward, the user needs arechanging, so the design and implementation of access control systems shouldtake into account the actual needs of the future can be extended, such as:flexibility decrease or update the various subsystems, to meet the differentperiods the need to maintain the leading position for a long time, become amodel of intelligent building. When design the system,  need to achieve rational allocation offunctions, and this configuration can be changed, even after the project iscompleted, the configuration changes are possible and convenient. Thecorresponding system software upgrade and improve developer according todifferent historical periods in line with market demand, and the softwareupgrade to the appropriate application client. At the same time, it can beextended to time and attendance system, meeting attendance system, patrol managementsystem, dining card management system project.
Access control system maintenance should try tomake it simple during operation. Operation of the system can be truly openelectrical work, be able to run the plug level. And maintenance without the useof excessive special maintenance tools. From the configuration of the computerto the system configuration, the front-end configuration of the device arefully deliberated system reliability. And implementation of appropriatecertification. We achieve the lowest failure rate of the system, but alsobecause even when considering an unexpected problem occurs reasons to ensureeasy and fast recovery of data stored, and to ensure emergency can quickly openthe channel. Maintenance of the entire system is on-line, and does not maintainthe part of the device, stop normal operation of all equipment.
In ensuring the stability, practicality andconvenience of the premise, access control products should have a certain advancements ,to ensure that will not be eliminated in the next few years and meet the accessand use of the requirements and needs.

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