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Portable Bluetooth printer supports POS ticket printing

MODEL: PortableBluetooth printer| Syncotek SP-T10
   POS-Thermal-Printer-SYNCOTEK SP-T10.jpg 
This Portable Mobile Printer is the heart of an upgraded Bluetooth printer in SYNCOTEK. The printer that works with android phones is a small size, light weight but fully functional, stylish and practical. It could hold large rolls, which eliminate the trouble you haveto often change paper. Besides, the long standby (30 days) and long print(single charge printable 30m) make your printing easily anywhere possible. The 12Vcar charging allows you do printing while it is charging. Even though no batteries, your data can also be printed directly by using an external powersupply. GB18030 built-in fonts make it easily print. Wired (USB windows driver support) and wireless (Bluetooth) communication interface help printing work simple and convenient.

 01.Product applications
Widely used in police, government,environmental, health, and other industries to detect movement of the printoutput applications.
Small, light, fully functional, stylish,practical; large rolls, support 13.56MHz electronic tags or radio frequencycard, such as: M1 card, CPU card

 02.Using high-quality movement
SYNCOTEK-thermalprinter manufacturer introduce and use Japanese original Fujitsu movement,(FTP-628MCL101 # 51 FUJITSU COMPONENT) to guarantee print quality and servicelife of every printer.

 03.Using the well-known Bluetooth chip set
 SYNCOTEK selects Bluetooth chipset(CSR) two-chip solution, to ensure the stability of Bluetooth datatransmission, so that the transmission distance is up to 10 meters.

 04,OLED AUX graphic display module
 This wireless printer has a cleardisplay and beautiful effect with the use of 128 * 32 dot matrix display, thelatest non-backlight and single luminous OLED display technology. As well as , itdoes real-time display of various status. Such as: Bluetooth connection status,battery charge status, etc., when in RFID mode, the card display card would physicalnumber.

 05.Supporting non-contact proximity card
 Support RF card or electronic tagwith IS014443A, IS01443B, 15693 protocol 13.56MHz frequency, also can easily beused for each of your applications.

 06.Simply connect your smart phone
 Bluetooth support Android phones,whichis perfect for your Android application. It can easily achieve printouts. Suchas: mobile member software, mobile supermarket cashier management software,mobile sales system.
Tips to resolve mobile thermal usb printer connection issue
 07.Support mobile POS print
Support financial Mobile POS, which solves hardwaredifficulties that the mobile phone POS can not print out. When the cardholders dopayments with POS credit card , the CUP / bank payment transaction receipt couldbe printed out through SYNCOTEK Bluetooth printer.
 08.Accessories & Services
 Support car charger, USB (COM) linkPC printing. Support Paper diameter 40mm * 57 thermal paper width.
 It uses 1300mA lithium battery,providing longer battery life for the printer.
 Whole year free warranty.
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