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Card reader fault problem solutions

The card reader cannot read, how to solve this? First check whether the reader has some faults, if the reader is ok, it is the computer settings error. The following to introduce the card reader troubleshooting methods.


Then go to theoriginal PC, click [Start - Control Panel - Add New Hardware - Find] and then find if there is external devices, if any, click [Hardware] to uninstall the driver, and then insert the card reader and re-install the driver.
Of course, you can also enter the computer's security model, and repair the registry, and then re-enter the normal mode to plug the card reader, then the card reader problem solved.
If the problem still remains, then try to restore the computer to malfunction does not appear, or repair the electrical system disk, open a command prompt, type SFC / SCANNOW Enter, and then insert system disk repair. Here we do not need repair over and over again, the system will automatically detect the repair.
If the fault persists, set in the BIOS asthe first boot device insertion system setup disk, and press R to select"Repair Install" button to repair.

If the reason caused by USB power supply shortage. This may be too many external USB devices.
Solutions: Right-click My Computer (Computer) - Device Manager - Found "Universal Serial Bus controllers" option, then this option in the drop down list above there are some "USB Root Hub" Option], double-click the option, then open the Properties dialog box, switchto the "power Management" tab, remove the tick "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power", click OK.

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