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Card reader writer & Card dispenser from Manufacturer

SYNCOTEK has gradually extend its card reader writer product portfolio from motor card readers to a series of card issuing machines, card dispenser machines and card collecting machines. We are specialize in providing quality card vending devices. The applications covers as diverse as card vending machines, self service terminals, kiosks, amusement,  car parking and gaming markets.

In general, our machines are flexible combinations of 4 major functions of card handling: decoding/encoding, dispensing, collecting, which can operate on all popular card types such as magnetic cards, contact IC cards and contactless RFID cards.
In communication industry, the products have been widely applied in top-up card dispensing,  IC telephone card verification and other card related terminals.
In transportation systems, the card dispensers and card collectors prove to be efficient and robust in toll highway access control systems.  They also serve in self-service oiling machines for unattended verification and charging.  Our dispensers also appear in car parking access control systems.

In shopping malls, entertainments and other public places, our machines are used for self-service inquiries, coupon card and member card dispensing, etc..
Over many years, SYNCOTEK staffs are optimizing our machines to be robust and flexible for applications in various situations. We also continuously improve our products in compactness and simplicity, which brings great convenience in OEM integration and secondary development.

About Syncotek.com
Syncotek is one card reader manufacturer in China, you can find many different types of card reader, RFID readerthermal printer. The products can be widely deployed in industries of finance, mobile-payment, telecommunication, logistics, custom, insurance, transportation and government business.
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