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SYNCOTEK Fixed-assets management RFID solution

Solution Background
Fixed-assets are very important material bases to regular daily operation. Which is more complex managed more complex along with expansion of enterprise scale gradually. How to manage them very well to promote device availability, reduce idle assets and save cost?
Traditional assets management methods mainly depend on labor control, from data acquisition, putting in to stock taking. This makes us not so easily to follow track of our assets fully correctly, such as we couldn’t get all information about their assembling, moving, allocating, repairing, retirement to match history record and account. One new mode is very necessary because of so many problems. That is why SYNCOTEK RFID fixed reader solution and RFID fixed-assets system integration management system comes.

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RFID Fixed-assets Management System Specialty
a. Each fixed-asset own digital ID, makes easy register and searching.
b. Fast identification, stock taking and statistics. Long-distance multiple target available.
c. Accounts,e-cards and objects exactly match well with each other?
d. Easily to get each object positional information?
e. Full history could be checked about assets management action
f. Give prompt alarm when assets lost.
Function Specification
Servicer: To store inquire and manage all data.
Master administrator: Assets manager, to control or operate, issue asset management action
Handheld RFID reader: To allocate and take stock,jkmets authority, avoid lose or mistake
RFID e-tag editor: To write date into each asset’s electric tag
RFID e-tag: Asset irreproducible digital ID
Software Function Instruction
a) Inquires
b) New adding
c) Ex-warehouse
d) Maintain
e) Allocations
f) Asset retirement
g) Stocktaking
h) Alarm

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