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How to protect your credit card security

Now Christmas is coming. Credit card readers are more used than ever. Credit card security issues is rising. So how do we protect credit card security? First, keep your credit card with your ID card separately. Most people would like to put the identity card and bank card together, once lost or stolen, the possibility of loss is enormous.


Second, do not disclose personal information to others
Of course, including your identity card number, bank card number and other information, never give your bank card, credit card for others.

Third, try to open the bank's instant messaging service
So it will be easily for you to grasp credit card consumption information in time.

Fourth, protect well your bank card password
Bank card withdrawals is a man-machine dialogue process. Once the card number password is correct, the machine will default operation.
For most of credit cards, the initial password is the same, such as a string of 6, 8 string, etc., you should re-set your password when you first use it.

Fifth, attention to the safe use of online banking
Install necessary anti-virus and anti-spyware software in your computer. use online banking security controls to confirm the login is real banking site. Do not receive strange file before confirmation. Do not use someone else's computer to log on to Internet banking.

Sixth, be vigilant when use of self-service banking.
When you go to self –service device to withdraw money, finding some suspicious equipments around,be vigilant. Do not enter your password, but timely contact with bank or public security organization.

Seven, confirm whether it is POS machines when you do the payment with credit card.
Pay attention to your credit card to prevent it from be transferred when your card is returned back .In addition, try to keep your signature style consistent.

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