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How to install smart card reader

Manual or motorized smart card reader is now a very popular card reader, it can be done for most of the smart card read/write issues, preservation, records, and so on, for such instruments must need a good Setup. Follow this guide to know how to install smart card reader.

First,Ready to install in advance
Prepare the smart card reader writer, computer, install profiles or drive disk.

Second,connect smart card reader to computer

  1. Shut down your computer.

  2. Connect the reader to computer via USB port, or other available serial ports (HID/PCSC/ RS232 ). If your serial reader has a supplementary PS/2 cable/connector, attach your keyboard ormouse connector to it, and plug it into your computer's keyboard or mouse port. Many new smart card readers take power from keyboard or mouse ports because it is not always provided by RS-232 ports and it is both expensive and cumbersome to require a separate power supply.

  3. Open your computer and run as administrator.

Thirdly,installing device driver for smart card reader
When connect the smart card reader to pc, the computer will automatically detect and install the reader. If not, do as follow steps:

  1. Follow the onscreen directions for installing the device driver software. This will require either the Windows2000 CD or media that contains the appropriate device driver from the card reader manufacturer. (Alternatively, your system administrator may provide youwith a network share from which to obtain the driver.)

  2. Right-click the My Computer icon -> Choose Manage submenu ->Click to expand Services and Applications tab ->Click Properties submenu. Choose General tab, select Automatic in the Startup Type drop-down list. Click OK.

  3. If necessary, restart your computer to complete the hardware installation.

Fourthly,test the smart card reader.
Test smart card reader is working correctly.

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