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Kiosk card dispenser SK-AD3 advantages

Kiosk Card dispenser SK-AD3 is the hot selling model on our card reader website Syncotek.com, which can dispense/read/write IC cards & RFID cards. And we provide RS232 interface and PC/SC interface for it. It can be widely used in self-service terminal equipments such as parking lot management system, expressway toll gate, self-service charging system, self-service card vending terminal, and electricity bill payment system.
Comparing to other models in the market, Card issuing machine SK-AD3 has below special advantages.

Card dispenser SK-AD3 adopts orange color driving wheel instead of black one, which can make sure it is made of good material, so that it is more stable and durable.

The body beside the RFID reader antenna is made of plastic instead of metal one, which can make sure the RFID reading performance.

It uses NXP MFR53 series RFID reader chip, which can support almost all ISO14443A/B cards, including Mifare 1 S50, Mifare1 S70, Mifare plus and Mifare desifre cards and so on.
It has a card adjusting button, which can adjust the dispenser to suit the different thickness cards easily and accurately.

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