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Magnetic stripe cards precautions

What make our magnetic stripe cards degaussing, our own incorrect operation caused it? Does a card reader can cause degaussing when reading the magnetic card data? What are the factors that make the magnetic card slowly degaussing? This article will guide you to note in which situations to avoid magnetic card degaussing when using the card.

Factors can affect magnetic card degaussing
Avoid the followings, these factors can affect magnetic card degaussing:

  • Magnetic stripe cards in your wallet, it is too close to the magnetic button, even in contact with the magnetic button.

  • Touch with magnetic seal and address book, notebook.

  • Too close or touching Ms. purses, men's handbag magnetic button.

  • Together with mobile phones and other devices that have capable ofgenerating electromagnetic radiation for a long time.

  • In contact with the magnetic button of the phone sleeve, car keys and other magnetic objects.

  • When used in supermarkets, too close and even touch with theft degaussing equipment in supermarkets.

  • too close to TV, tape recorders and other household appliances which have the effects of a strong magnetic field.

  • When put multiple magnetic stripe cards together, the magnetic stripe contact with each other between two cards.

Magnetic stripe cards precautions.png

Factors cause the magnetic card does not work properly
 Pressured, fold up, long time bump, sunlight exposure, high temperature, magnetic stripe scratch and dirty etc, all these factors can make magnetic stripe card does not work properly.

Doesa card reader can cause degaussing when reading the magnetic card data?
The card reader cannot cause degaussing when reading the data used in normal conditions. 

But during the process of credit card transactions on the credit card reader, the cleaning head, aging,data transmission interference, system malfunction, the cashier improper operation may cause magnetic stripe cards can not be used.

The above is a magnetic stripe card precautions when using it, 

you should pay attention when in use and maintenance of magnetic stripe cards, do not let it be affected by external factors resulting in unusable.

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