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Hospital Wristbands RFID Management System

In order to identify the mother and baby, at present most of obstetrics and gynecology in hospital wear signs rings for mother and baby when the baby is born till they leave the hospital. This flag ring is for pure physical media, but easy to exchange. Existing management system do not allow families get inside and limit, even families are eager to visit mother and child. How to solve the baby stolen, prevent error maternity hospital? It  is an urgent to solve the technical problems.

Uhf rfid reader has greatly push such issue go further,making our family life better.


Therefore, according to the actual situation of the hospital and management requirements, maternal and infant hospital RFID wristbands management system, which is developed by advanced internet technology, is based on the principle of open. It supports both centralized management and personalized service, up to the present and the future development needs of the solution. For large-scale integrated maternity and children's hospital, it will play a significant role in maternal and infant recognition, baby security management, and access permissions management.

 2.System structure 

The construction of the system involves four parts: wristband tag binding and the information input, real-time monitoring platform, system security management, HIS management system interface. 

 Maternal and infant binding configuration management system: provide for new baby, new mother  electronic wristband, and will be binding on both sides of the electronic label only code, provide comprehensive query functions such as alarm events, the nursing record.

Real-time monitoring platform: do the real-time acquisition of signal detector wrist band signal, and do the analysis of alarm events  for the abnormal situation ,according to the preset monitoring logic,it will immediately alarm the police. System security management: provide the basis data of the internal system , permissions, configuration management functions such as alarm events;

 HIS management system interface: the basic information of the mother and baby will be preferentially given from HIS system . Doctor's care can be synchronized to the system,too.

2.1 Software platform 

For neonatal remark, besides the function of the patient identification, mother and baby must be in pair at the same time. Babies also need a match between nursing staff to prevent malicious people exchange. As a result, it is best for newborn babies and their mothers to remark with associated logos with the same coding methods such as biological mother and child. In the hospital, both sides should be checked at the same time  to ensure that the right pair of mother and baby ,only the pairing medical personnel have the right to hold the baby to leave the safe area. 

 2.2 The hardware device 

The hardware for Maternal and infant hospital wristbands RFID management system is mainly composed of the following sections: Anti-theft tags: the tag can do long-distance identification.Both baby and mother use the wristband tag, nursing staff can wear card tag.Export detector: a Label signal collector installed in the main entrances and exits  

Signal detectors: label signal collector installed in the ward;Control host computer (PC) and monitoring the client: installed in the ward nursing workstation, security monitoring center, and mother ward.

Four major components can form tight security network system, with the moving of the anti-theft tags, in such a situation which do not allow the anti-theft tags (irreplaceable) activities or through the area, stranding, alert the system provide real-time alarm ,and the causes of alarms and related information.

3.The system function 

Wristbands management: 1) provide the distribution , binding and maintenance function service for baby wrist strap, mother, or their family members’ wristbands and  paramedics label. Establish exclusive electronic tag file between a newborn and mother. The history records of wrist strap can be traced. These labels are unique, unrepeatable, so as to avoid holding the wrong phenomena .For the convenience of Visual identification, wristbands can be pasted with the infant's basic information: parents ' name, date of birth, gender, the nurse's name, and so on.

 1) Real-time monitoring

Mother and child interaction: when mothers wore labels with buttons, mother can ask for seeing their baby by pressing a special button. The screen in ward will automatically display their babies’ current location and the care status.

Anti-theft alarm: in the area of ward, ward entrances, important foreign channels are equipped with signal detector to do real-time grasp of babies’ location .Without permitting, if babies leave the unit, it will then immediately start the alarm, and according to the alarm level, it can appear in nursing workstations, security monitoring center. His mother wristbands alarm.

Error prevention: when the baby and other non binding mothers or caregivers appear in the same area, the system will do logic analysis  according to predefined error logic. It will do the prompt warning reminder. Then the system can automatically analyze error. the nursing staff can also do confirmation  through the mobile terminal.

 Label tampering: baby wearing tags have tamper function. If the label is intentionally removed ,it will immediately notify the monitoring center, and sound the alarm.

Video linkage: system monitoring platform and hospital video network can be linked.Camera in alarm erea will switch alarm immediately to check the video images.  

2) Nurse-friendly management

Check in check out: infant is not granted to leave the ward until a check-out is operated via hand-held terminal on the PC .otherwise it will  alarm, when baby returns to the ward, it will automatically checked in.

Baby records: the system will match a handheld mobile nursing station for nursing personnel. Nurses scan wristbands of mothers and infants in the nursing process. The system will record all bedside care, including the inspection records of the nursing staff by identifying labels of the nursing staff.

3) Integrated query

Query can provide detailed information, such as  wristbands, mother's name, bed, date of birth, maternal and child enquiries. It also support query function  such as the provision of alarm events, service, nursing records history.

 4) Baby-environment monitoring

Baby-friendly zone temperature and humidity monitoring: Installing temperature and humidity sensor make baby-friendly zone temperature and humidity data acquisition, and real-time display on the monitor platform come into truth. In order to provide a more comfortable environment,   It also can provide a more reasonable care services for the nursing staff , according to the temperature and humidity data.

5)Bathing water temperature monitoring: 

Bathing pool and swimming pool water temperature are determined by the nursing staff's own feeling. In order to ensure the water temperature within a reasonable range, the system would provide water temperature tester, water temperature is displayed in the monitoring platform to provide a basis for nursing in nursing staff. when the water temperature is too high or too low, the system automatically generate alarm prompt. 

6) Personalized service

 For mothers, families, baby wrist strap has some commemorative value, at the same time we can use technical means to leave the baby  characteristics such as photo, the shape of the hand spray printing on wrist band. The construction of the system would support baby with more personalized services.


4.The application significance 

1) improve the level of hospital informatization, intelligent management, lay a solid foundation for hospital construction with higher and more comprehensive information. 

2) put an end to babies  error recognition and the wrong treatment; 

3) Provide wireless function for patients to improve the level of medical service; 

4) help the doctor or nurse identify babies with similar characteristics, communication difficulties to prevent wrong hold phenomenon; 

5)Monitor and track unauthorized people wandering into high-risk areas, in order to  prevent unnecessary accidents.

6)with the measures of tamper-resistant, ID number uniqueness and mother-infant pair to prevent malicious occurrence of babies- exchanged or stolen.  

7)Provide newborn baby more personalized services to  meet the needs of families while increasing hospital income.

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