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Mobile thermal printer application - parking ticket

In parking system, you can eliminate erroneous, illegible, and unenforceable parking tickets and promote printing efficiency via using mobile thermal printer.

Mobile thermal printer application - parking ticket

When used with mobile ticketing software applications, the mobile printers create accurate, legible tickets that help increase collections and save time on the street and in the office.

mobile printers are light and durable enough for mobile use, also can be mounted in vehicles.
Parking officers can take mobile printers anywhere to create legible, durable receipts. You can even accept payment on the spot, using an integrated card reader option.
Our mobile printers support SDK including Windows CE, Symbian OS, Android and iOS system, which can be widely used in various devices.

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Syncotek is one card reader manufacturer in China, you can find many different types of card readers such as swipe card reader, card reader writer, RFID readers, thermal printers. The products can be widely used in various sectors such as Library anti-theft, finance, mobile-payment, telecommunication, logistics, custom, insurance, transportation and government business.
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