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Portable high frequency RFID reader release

Recently, the RFID solution provider Shenzhen Synco Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "SYNCOTEK") release high frequency 3G WIFI wireless Bluetooth RFID reader Series SR-HU-601 ,this RFID integrated readersare 840-868Mhz/902-928Mhz frequency identityidentification equipment based on independent research and and through Bluetooth2.1 mode . 

This UHF RFIDreaders can fast transfer data, supports Android, smart phones, tablet computersand other devices (compatible with iOS system, it can be customized for mobiledevices related products). Also can read data via a wireless Bluetooth modewhich pass Bluetooth phone, tablet, PC, etc.
high frequency 3G WIFI wireless Bluetooth RFID reader SR-HU-601
The range of SYNCOTEK Series SR-HU-601 are widely used in electric power, petroleum, mining, security,logistics, finance, transportation and other industries, such as: warehousemanagement, electrical inspection, personnel identification, ticket inspectionmanagement, train ticket, cylinder management, like pseudo-food, packagetracking, product quality inspection, drug management.

SYNCOTEK Series SR-HU-601 are portableRFID reader with a mobile pocket reader-compact. These wireless RFID readers canbe on-line operation with any Bluetooth-enabled PDA, PC,smart phones and other devices. It is built with 150mAh lithium polymerbattery, standby time of up to 24 hours; built 32GB storage space, support foroffline and online work. outdoor work attendance, attendance, productidentification RFID reader preferred.

SYNCOTEK Series SR-HU-601 are handheld readers, which support ISO18000-6C protocol, built in speaker, supportsMicrosoft Windows CE 6.0/Android 4.0

SYNCOTEK provides readers SDKand demo software under test, providing detailed interface documentation, andcode development stories! Supports user-level secondary development ofproducts!

Take Handheld UHF RFID Reader SYNCOTEK SR-HU-601Q( one item of seriesSR-HU-601)main technical parameters for reference:

  • ProductName: 3g wifi sdk free long range rfid reader circuit schematic

  • OperatingFrequency:  840-868Mhz, 902-928Mhz

  • ProtocolType: ISO18000-6C

  • Support:USB, Bluetooth

  • Bluetoothconnections: active connection

  • Battery:Lithium Polymer 3.7V 3400mAh

  • Readingdistance:  >2m

  • Storagecapacity:> 32GB

Handheld UHF RFID Reader SYNCOTEK SR-HU-601Q
SYNCOTEK Series SR-HU-601 application areas:

  • PersonnelIdentification

  • AccessControl

  • Anti-counterfeit

  • LogisticsMonitoring

  • QualitySupervision

  • IndustrialProduction Process Control System

  • HealthCare Industry

  • Financeand Insurance Management

For moredetails, welcome to visit http://www.syncotek.com/product/uhf_handheld_reader_1.html or contact us directly sales@syncotek.com

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