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SYNCOTEK RFID Asset Management System

For large enterprises, fixed assets management is with features of large number, variety, long life cycle, usage decentralized, difficult to manage and so on. The cause of the inability to manage the fixed assets precisely is the lack of technology of getting fixed assets’ data in real-time and technology of tracking and monitoring in real-time. The RFID technology can integrate activity of asset management and asset management system together and achieve the synchronization of asset and system information, make centralized real-time automatic monitoring and management possible.


At the same time of input newly purchased fixed assets data into the computer system, fix a RFID tag on the asset. The tags are recyclable;

Write fixed asset name, date of purchase, the use of departments and other information to the tag according to the management needs;

When the asset was needed, the staff only need to read the tag on needed asset with a handheld RFID reader. After confirming, the tag’s information will be registered on system server by network;

During asset inventory, the staff read the tags on assets by using a RFID handheld, tags’ information will be stored in the handheld automatically. Then check the accordance of data in the handheld and the database, and deal with the normal data or abnormal data, and get the actual situation of fixed assets, and generates a surplus earnings table, inventory list, inventory summary table according to the unit, the department.

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