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River Island to Deploy RFID Across All 280 Stores

Fashion retailer River Island is rolling out a radio frequency identificationsolution at all 280 of its stores worldwide—the  EPC ultrahigh-frequency (UHF)RFID solution from Nedap Retail, based in the Netherlands. The deployment follows a multi-phase pilot carried out at a total of seven stores during the course of several years. The retailer will track every product within all of the 280 stores it owns and operates, using tags applied by suppliers. However wide-scale the deployment may be, though, the RFID system's use case is concentrated on only a single process, says Jon Wright, River Island's head of global loss prevention and safety. The technology, consisting of Nedap's handheld readers and !D Cloud software and app, will initially monitor only the overall inventory levels within each store, and thereby enable a more accurate automated replenishment, with the goal of boosting sales.

River Island to Deploy RFID Across All 280 Stores.jpg

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