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The principle of Books security magnetic stripe

Books security magnetic stripe, also known as EM anti-theft magnetic stripe, the materials used cobalt, nickel, iron, silicon, boron and other metal material. The following series to tell you about the principles of Books security magnetic stripe.

Books anti-theft magnetic stripe

Magnetic stripe is added to the book, and fixed by the self-adhesive paper, this fixation will generate a certain binding force for the magnetic stripe, when the magnetic stripe into the a magnetic field security channel or a library anti-theft RFID tag SR-RH-G3D access control, the magnetic stripe is magnetized to produce multiple harmonics, then the anti-theft receiving system will amplify the harmonic process, pushing the alarm system work. (At this time will produce a magnetostrictive phenomena called on the magnetic. If the thickness and the width of the magnetic stripe is insufficient, it will affect the security instrument sensitivity.)

Books anti-theft magnetic stripe, thickness 4 wire, width 1,8 mm or more, has good consistency, sensitivity and stability. Currently on the market, some operators in order to save costs, they made the magnetic stripe thin narrow, so the cost down, sensitivity down. Sensitivity decline usually occurs in the magnetic strip is attached to the book after three months. The reason is that the magnetic stripe parameters magnetostrictive coefficient is too large, too thin and too narrow magnetic stripe can not afford the stress which cause by the tape tied in the book gradually dried. Sensitivity would drop dramatically. So to ensure security systems alarm rate, we must ensure the quality of the magnetic stripe.

The above is introduce of Library security magnetic stripe principle. the materials of book anti-theft magnetic stripe is at high temperatures, the formation of the molten metal ejected from the quartz nozzle and then high speed, to form a solid strip. Since the control time from liquid to solid in a very short period of time, so the formation of the amorphous state. As a reasonable distribution system, the production of science and technology, the resulting amorphous material with high permeability.

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