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How to use RFID in your laundry management

In order to improve the efficiency of thelaundry work, and address the past sick management which can not be achievedwith other techniques , such as: statistics for large quantities of laundry, andworkforce transfers,

RFID technology information systemfor Laundry management uses RFID radio frequency identificationtechnology. With RFID readersuse, it greatly improve our Laundry Management work.

How RFID technology works ?

RFID technology Laundry managementinformation system is fulfilled by sewing RIFD UHF silica laundry tags on everypiece of clothing, and every electronic tag has a unique identification code.Also, each garment has a unique administrative ID until the clothes werescrapped (Label can be reused, but not more than the life of the tag itself).Throughout the use and the detergent management of clothing, the RFID readerwill automatically record the use state and the washing times. Tags then batch readwhen clothes are washing, making washing task handover easier, transparent, andreduce business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the number of washes, wecan estimate the current life of the garment to provide forecast data for theprocurement plan.

Whatis radio frequency identification used for ?

  • FID communication systems use remote data collection andtimely count related information about the number of clothing when we transferclothes. This RFID tag systems need no manual re-entry, which help reducemanual errors, save working time, and simplify workflow.

  • RFID information systems greatly improve work efficiency, perfectsupply chain management of enterprise laundry, and save 20% -25% of the workinghours.

  • The complete system management help realize visual management throughoutthe laundry process, and facilitate enterprise management.

  • RFID identification system helps reduce overall operating costs ofenterprises.

  • RFID monitoring systems enhance the competitiveness for our clothingcompanies.

CASE: Handheld UHF RFID Reader | SYNCOTEK SR-HU-601Q In Laundry factory use

How does RFID tags work ?

RFID tag label sewn

RFID UHF Silica gel laundry tagcould be directly on clothes you want to manage or on sewn through a small bag.We recommend you unify a fixed sewing position.

Data Entry

The silicone chip of passive RFID tags canstore data associated with each piece of the laundry to manage the propertiesand electronic tag ID records the database to track each piece of clothingworkflow and lifecycle.

Dirt inventory check

Directly pack electronic tags sewn. RFIDtunnel reading devices automatically collect and read every piece of dirtclothes ID and record. Due to non-labor inventory data, so it not only improvesthe work efficiency, but also bring the convenience of the laundry work withhigher quality services.

Clean clothes inventory

After the clothes are cleaned, RFID tagsand readers read again to do inventory check and make sure whether there areclothes is missing during washing process. Therefore, print out the record forclothes sorting Classification.
The unique electronic tag can help clothessort area, before packing, RFID reader writer confirm whether there ismisplaced.

  What RFID programming content?

  • 1.RFID UHF laundry tagSilicone

  • 2.RFID system table

  • 3.RFID handset

  • 4. The server (standard dell, the brand canchange according to customer demand, customers can also use an existing server)

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