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A&M University choose Apptricity RFID solutions to settle student uniform management

A&M UniversityApptricity ,which provides mobile solutionsfor the supply chain management of company, announced that A&M University of Texas uses the his inventory management solutions based on RFID technology. The Universitywill use the program to Manage students’ uniforms in A&M Cadet A&MAcademy.Ptricity said the system will be used inthe University City of military property warehouse (MPW), as well as for thestorage and distribution of cadets’ uniforms .

The University is discussing the feasibility of project: replace the label with the current barcode on uniforms, and reuse the RFID chips once uniforms are recycled. In 2005,the University use 13.56 MHz passive tags sewn to clothes, including pants, skirts, shirts and jackets, thenmatch them ,and distribute to each newborn.Apptricity will proceed existing uniformsand hardware installation, including the installation of RFID labels, integrated software development andimplementation of methods, training and early service.

Mitchell said Apptricity visited the MPW,and designed this solution to meet the challenges facing the University. It assesses the size and layout of the warehouse, and proposed to combine fixedand mobile RFID reader, reader antennas, and mobile cart readers to unify themanagement of warehousing, storage and distribution of uniforms

The software can provide accurate inventory data, track whether uniforms are issued to students or shipped from thewarehouse for cleaning. And provide asset inventory control and management whenitems distributed to students Which allows MPW to do the tracking for uniformsand other expendable or non-expendable assets ,and provide stock statusreports.

The solution will be connected with the MPW inventory system, enabling managers to immediately know the supply of assets. Mitchell added that the system can also access the University's general ledgerand receivables, generate invoices, update and track assets.

New asset and invoice system goes through agradual process of implementation, the solution will start next month, which is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2016 integration.


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