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SYNCOTEK RFID food safety and traceability management

RFID tag attached on food or the box offood, RFID reader and antenna are connected, sensor and reader are integrated, the read data packetare over the network transferred to the database of food safety management,while the manufacturers in all sectors of food supply chain and productinformation are registrated to the RFID public service system based on foodsafety management database. Through the supply chain information integration,system can provide food service, food safety, traceability, food qualityassessment of a variety of applications.


Application Service
Based on the integration of food safety management database and the food supplychain information, the system can provide the following wide range services.
(1) Food Information Service
User can query and enjoy the food information service. On the table, each dishof raw materials, production (processing), date of production, chef, cookingmethods; the flow of information about the food shopped in supermarket andsecurity information can be obtained.
(2) Food Safety Traceability
Once occur the outbreak, food safety management system can quickly find theproduct sales, the responsibility and origin of the product information,Through food safety traceability system, it can not only find the ultimateconsumer of the food items, but also find the link of the problems in thedistribution or production process, and meantime take corresponding measures.
(3) Terminal Inquiry System
Supermarket is the main channel to buy food by consumers, consumers insupermarkets or manufacturers can view the information of the food purchased byinquiring RFID tag on the terminal platform.

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