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Tips to resolve mobile thermal usb printer connection issue

Thermal printer connection problems have troubled users a lot. Especially with the increaseof printer connections such as USB connectivity, Ethernet connection, wirelessconnection. Connection problems is becoming more complex and more difficult for users to figure out. Actually, the connection problem is very simple, as long as the master a few steps, than you will easily break the connection problems. Make your printing became more comfortable.
To facilitate the narrative, I will explain this connection issue with an example in three parts: USB connection, Ethernet connections, and wireless connections. In this article, USB connection is the mainas the basis.  
Mobile thermal printer Syncotek SP-TIII

Preparation and inspection work:
Printer and PC is the leading role. Besides, driver installation, the USB connection, printer, of course, power cords, all need to ensure the normal running state.

Start check basic attachment, after the printer and computer are well prepared. First, check whether print is in an open state. If the printer is in standby state, then check whether the USB interface is good. When necessary, you can re-connect the USB, and then try to print. Open adocument, click on the print button. The print PC will automatically shows the print status is in the process, if the online status, progress bar will automatically display online.

The above step is the basic check, if still show offline. So, check whether the default printer the printer you are using. Specific stepsis to open the device on the computer and printer, check the printers and faxes which is the default print of the menu bar, if it is not the printer that you are using, click on right button to set it as the default printer.
When the Setup is completed, you can do the online printing. The above error, which a printer can not be connected ,most commonly occurs in the process . It is usually easy to be ignored.  When you face the usb printer connection problems, first keep calm, and check the basic problem, I believe you will get unexpected harvest.

Offline cause connection an-availability
As mentioned, it is important to check the USB connection. Here, we can try again by changing a USB cable. Document suspend is also one of the cause for the print problem. The main performance is as follows, click on the print, the printer does fulfill print tasks, but the document is pending, which is easy to stop the next print tasks. So how to remove the print task, adjust theoffline status? It is an important to solve.

Specific means as follows: firstly, click the printer task icon at the lower right on the monitor of your PC. Secondly, click the icon that shows the printer is lining up to performance print tasks, and thenclick the printer; on the menu bar. Thirdly, find out  all the document printing on the drop-down menu, lastly, cancel them and try to print again.
In addition, you do not need to check in the "use printer offline". If it is cheked, the printer will be unable to connect, leaving printer unable to print. This is one of the problems that often arise. In fact, this kind of problem is relatively simple. We call up suspended column of the document to find the "use printer offline" option. If checked, the printer will be unable to perform. If it is not checked, then we cancel the pending document print.

"Use printer offline"  does not need to be checked, if checked, we shall cancel it. So the USB printer can work. Whether USB, Ethernet, or wireless connection, the steps are similar. As long as we recognize the nature of the problem, set up your printer step by step, it will break the "unable toconnect", and smooth print job. In this article, we introduce how to get rid of problem USB connection issues.

If you still cannot solve the problem, Windows has adiagnostic function. Ensure no other problem, click on the Diagnostics, it might bring you a way.
In fact, there are a number of factors leading to connectivity problems. Some of which involve your computer's system settings. If the Issues are related to system setup, you shall contact your engineers assoon as possible to help resolve the problem. This article briefly describes the USB connection problem. Since the rise of wireless printing, connection problem is becoming more complex, but this kind of article, we will publish more later to bring practical help.

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