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Kiosk Printer SYNCOTEK RG-K628 Application Scenarios

Today I will share one kiosk printer, it is a great mobile thermal printer can be widely used in different scenarios such as vending machine, queuing machine, coupon printing machine, parking system, gas station, vote machine and so on. It is Syncotek RG-K628.
Syncotek RG-K628 can support most operating systems, for examples: Windows Mobile, WINCE, Symbian, Ubuntu, Android, IOS, Window XP, Win7, Win8, and it supports thermal print method. You can use this item as a Ubuntu kiosk printer, or a mobile thermal printer. Ubuntu kiosk printer Syncotek RG-K628 has various interfaces, including Serial, USB, Bluetooth.
Specifications of veding kiosk printer Syncotek RG-K628:
Print Method: Thermal Line
Paper Width: 57mm
Effective Printing Width: 48mm
Print Speed: 80 mm/sec
Cutting Method: Auto Cut
Dot per Line: 384 dots/line
Resolution: 8 dots/mm
Paper Thickness: 68 to 85μm
Paper Loading Method: Drop-in easy loading
Font: ANK 32 columns/line; 12× 24 dots
More specifications about Syncotek RG-K628 from here.

Kiosk thermal printer Syncotek RG-K628 application scenarios
Vending Machine

Quening Machine

Coupon Machine

Parking System

Gas Station

Vote Machine

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