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What is RFID used for today

RFID technology is developing very rapidlyin recent years. It is a new technology that uses radio frequency signals automatic target recognition and access to relevant information. RFID tag integrated pulse sensor is small, so that people can carry. By activating a passive standby to reduce power consumption, and using a slotted ALOHA method of code division with multiple access to avoid collisions, it ultimately rescues the interactive response on earthquake, which greatly improves the efficiency of search and rescue.

Usesof RFID technology

Traditionally, we use RFID to identify theanimal and cars. In internet age, RFID has been used in many areas of logisticsand supply management, manufacturing and assembly, airline baggage handling,mail / express parcel processing, document tracking / library management.  
Future, RFID applications will beincreasingly widespread. There will be an increasing number of companies, governmentsand organizations seeking the technology to track and identify the property,equipment, goods and products, not only from food, pharmaceutical to automotive electronic products, but also from the farm or the manufacturer to the consumerand use. Similarly, the placement and maintenance of large-scale projects are particularly important, such as transport and public facilities. The next will appearmore RFID solutions to provide audit trail for the different areas.


RFID reader manufacturer-Syncotek recently have launched a new kind RFID Card Reader-SR-RU-402. This wireless rfid reader is an 4 TNC Antenna UHFRFID Fixed Reader with antenna auto-tuning and failure-detection. Supportwireless 3G/4G/WIFI/Bluetooth.
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