Laundry washing card dispenser

Self service Laundry payment system full add value kiosk with 2 methods: One with Coin operated, one with with card reader, card dispenser.

For the card operated laundry system, Laundry users are issued a laundry card from a vending machine on your premises, whatever wash or dry cycle they want by presenting their laundry card. It can also be a loyalty gift card.

With the smart kiosk, customer can add value to their washing card very easy, this system offers user a coinless and cashless operation.

Automatic Laundry’s helpful card administrators will add the purchased value to their smart laundry card and return it to them.

Our card dispenser machine SK-AD1-1 and SK-AD3, SK-AD6 support only to dispense card, collect card and dispense card with IC, RFID and magnetic card read & write to meet different market’s need. Also support embedded with your own reader writer module.



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