Advent of the SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk

A few years ago, purchasing SIM cards was a huge hassle; you’d have to visit a telecom service center or retail stores during work hours and wait ages in line for an employee to assist you eventually. Soon however, some companies managed to integrate self-service kiosk technologies with telecom workflows to automate the SIM card registration and purchase process.

This research and development gave us the SIM card dispensing kiosk. At first telecoms were reluctant but once larger operators started using this technology, the rest followed and we saw a surge in market share for self service kiosks. The use of SIM dispensing kiosks and their growth increased exponentially throughout the pandemic as necessity of self-service grew.

Unmatched Convenience

The ease of use and convenience of these SIM dispensing kiosks was undeniable, global health crisis or not. Telecom businesses realized that self-service had become a permanent installation in their service delivery strategy. Some of the key advantages SIM dispensing kiosks presented were:

1. Instant KYC registration by using card reader with ID card

2. Instant SIM activation and dispensing

3. One Kiosk for different telecommunication companies’ cards.

4. Fast payment method

5. Print receipt



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