Card dispensers for Self-Check-in Kiosk

A kiosk is a physical instrument allowing hotels to automate check-in processes. While it's a convenient medium, a no-touch policy in the post-Covid era could make things difficult.

Having said that, with proper safety measures, kiosks can be a good choice to simplify the check-in process. Most instruments come with simple commands, clear typeface, and an intuitive design.

Apart from the self-check-in functionality, a kiosk can:

· Read credit/debit cards, and even take physical payments

· Offer add-ons and upsells

· Print room door barcodes and registration keys

Our recycle card dispenser SK-AD390 is designed for this solution. It can dispense/write/write hotel key card cards to guests automatically. When guests check out the hotel, he just need to insert the cards into the KIOSK. And then the dispenser will collect and tidy the card to wait for being dispensed out again. 



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