SC-790 Magnetic IC chip NFC card reader

SC-790 Magnetic IC chip NFC card reader writer


1. Description

SC790 is a multi-functional card reader that supports magnetic card, contact & contactless IC card.  It was developed under ARM Cortex M1 platform, can read cards fast with high efficiency and easy to use.

SC790 is compliant with the standards of ISO/IEC7811, ISO/IEC7816, ISO/IEC14443 and the standards of EMV2000, PBOC2.0.  It works with PC or terminals for POS, banks and other financing institutions to operate magnetic cards, contact chip cards, and also contactless IC cards in option.


2.Technical Features



RS232 : Baud rate 9600/115200 bps, (9600/115200, 8, None, 1)

USB : Chip card is CCID (USB-PC/SC) mode, magnetic card supports HID keyboard mode &

HID compatible mode

Power supply

RS232 : External power supply can support DC 5V~24V ±10%,100mA;24V is optional for special field;

Powered by USB 5V,100mA

Working environmentTemperature0°C50°C, Humidity15%85%
 Magnetic Card Module

Standard :ISO/IEC7811 , AAMVA

Swiping Speed :10cm/s ~ 120cm/s

Times of Swiping :> 600,000 swipes

Standard of Magnetic stripe data :Compatible with IBM / ISO / AAMVA

Density of encoded data : Track 2 75BPI / 210BPI, Track 3 210BPI

Contact Chip Card Module

Supported Cards Types :Logic encrypt card and CPU cards that follows the standard of ISO/IEC7816

T=0, T=1 CPU chip cards that follows the standard of EMV2000, PBOC2.0

Volt of power supply to chip card :5V/3V/1.8V, Electric current < 50mA

Baud Rate :9600bps~38400bps

Contactors of chip card :8 contactors,supports short-circuit protection, contact force 0.4N±0.1N

Life of contactors :>200,000 plugs

Contactless Card Module

Supported Card Types :Contactless cards that follows ISO/IEC14443 type A&B, and CPU cards

Contactless IC cards that follows the standard PBOC2.0, Biface cards

Communication Protocol :T =CL

Working Frequency :13.56 MHz

Speed Rate : 106K / 212K / 424K bps, support PPS

Working Distance :0cm~3cm

Dimension ( L x W x H)

116 mm x 36 mm x 38.4 mm




Contact: James

Phone: 008613825290723



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