SC-AM-F8-1600 Turntable Card Personalization Dispenser

Free-standing Turntable Card Dispenser with capacity of up to 2160pcs;
With co-axis turntable card cassettes and robust card transporting system;
To load/unload personalized card efficiently and rapidly in ~10 seconds;
Ready for a fully automated and unattended card delivery system.


With 4 co-axis turntable card cassettes equipped, SC-AM-F8-1600 is a turntable card dispenser with total capacity of up to 2160 pcs of ID-1 format cards. With a high-performance and robust interchanging mechanism embedded, this card dispenser allows automatic card loading and unloading smoothly and rapidly, which is optimal for a fully automated and unattended card delivery machine.

The free-standing and enclosed design of the dispenser make it easy for integrating into various kiosk machines and self-service terminals for dispensing finished cards with personalized information such as photo, ID and acount number etc. Along with basic kiosk hardware such chassis, touch screen and some other I/O modules, it's ready to go for a fully-automated and unattended card distributing solution for large-scale card upgrading and replacement in governmental, healthcare and finance areas. 

A tridirectional interchange station is located at the intersection of card hopper, reader and card conveyors so that card can be flexibly transported among the internal card storage spaces. Stacked cards inside hopper will be moved to interchange station one by one.  After unique card information being acquired by front reader, card will be transferred by the interchanging mechanism to certain turntable slot. And mapping table between the card and slot will be indexed by computer. Or if error happens during reading, card will be recalled back to error card bin under card hopper or to the bottom collection box.

Four card conveyor modules are arrayed under the interchange section to make a channel for transporting card between interchange station, different turntable layers and the bottom collection box. Also conveyor module moves horizontally along its rail to load/unload card from certain turntable slot with coordination of rotatable turntable cassettes and card ejector pins. A bottom collection box is located below the bottom conveyor used when card cassette cleaning up  is necessary, also prolonged cards inside turntable can be collected to make room for upcoming ones.

By validating user's personal information with fingerprint, PIN code and/or facial recognition, dispenser will locate and retrieve certain card from designated card slot back to reader for validation before distribution. Each dispensing takes 7~15 seconds according layer and slot where the card is located. With support of the highly automated and flexible hardware, predictive algorithm can be implemented in kiosk software to prioritized certain cards during idle periods to reduce dispensing time and gain better user experience. 

MTK-F8 series turntable card dispenser is designed for a self-service card delivery machine specfic or compehensive for social ID cards, bank cards, drive license and various personalized cards.


  • SC-AM-F8-1600-01: Horizontal 4-coaxis turntable card dispenser, dispensing only, 1x card hopper, 1x error card box;

  • SC-AM-F8-1600-02: Vertical 2x2 turntables, dispensers with optional motor card reader, 1x card hopper, 2x error card box, card scanner





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