SK-711 Card Collector Machine

SK-711 is multifunctional card issuing/collecting machine with barcode scanner or RFID card read/write functions. The machine could have barcode scanning or RFID card (Including Type A & B) read/write function. The machine adopts high-intensity and anti-corrosion material. And provide customized service such as SIM Card board for RFID read/write option, preserve control interface for error card bin sensor, multi-unit communication option. SK-711 could be widely used in Card Park, theatre, and other entertainment places in which use member cards.



*Collect cards from front and card could be sent out and be retracted

*Support RFID card read/write (Type A, B), RFID card should be complied with ISO standard. For more information, please refer to according RFID card standards

*Support infrared scanning for one-dimension barcode read/write. (E.g. 39 code, EAN code, UPC code, 128 code and 93 code)

*SIM card board could be equipped to SK-711 for RFID module option

*Preserve sensor control interface for error card bin

*Support multi-unit communication, the maximum support number for multi-unit is 16

*TTL interface is available



Power supply  

DC 24 V ± 5%

Current consumption

Static current  40mA
Peak current   800mA

Transportation Speed




Card specification

Length:85~86mm   Width:50~55mm   Thickness:0.2~2mm

Net Weight

Approx.  0.7Kg(Excludes accessory and package for 001 version)

Installation Drawing

Refer to Structure and Dimension Drawing

Life time

Transportation:500,000 times Min (20+/-5℃,35~60%RH)
(Movement of backward and forward count as one time)

Error Rate

RFID card: Read /write 1,000 time, Error rate is lower than 1 time
Notes: The test card is in the line of standard
Bar code: Scan 10,000 time, error rate is less than 1 time


At least 100,000 hours(Only for electric component)
Notes: Condition: 250 times/day ,25days/month,300hours/month


Operation:  0℃~50℃,  0~90 % RH  ( non-condensing )
Storage:  -10℃~75℃,  0~95 % RH  ( non-condensing )

Support IAP on line download

Comply with RoHS standard

RFID card

Comply with ISO14443-3 (TYPE A:E.g. S50, S70, UL and so on )
Comply with ISO14443-4 (TYPE A CPU:E.g., Mifare plus, Mifare defire, TYPE B CPU and so on)





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