SK-AD5640 Magnetic IC RFID Card Reader Writer Dispenser



*Supports ISO7810/7811 magnetic card reading /writing

*Supports ISO7816-2 contact type IC card reading/writing

*Supports ISO14443-A Type A/B card reading/writing. (Option)

*Unique hook dispensing design: is capable of issuing various embossing cards accurately.

*Design with safety lock card box, and recovery box, card security management.

*Card box can be independently removed and with independent lock

*Can cooperate with high-end electric reader, read and write the card.

*Compact structure design: effectively saves space for the complete machine.

*Rear card capture box with lock: provides convenience for card management.

*With the card box pre-empty, card box empty, card box in place, and so on, and so many sensors detect the card stack box working status in real time.

*With the card bin full, card bin in place, and so on, and so many sensors detect the card bin box working status in real time. Two card stackers dispense to two type card. Card stackers comes with a safety lock, which can prevent the card from being stolen.

*In the card stacker, the press block comes with a hook which can prevent the card is being placed in a mess status.

*Simple collection channel design: satisfies user requirement for large collection amount.

*Multiple sensors: are able to judge the card position and indicate the card status.

*Supports online upgrade program.


Card Type

Magnetic: ISO 7811-2 /-4 /-5 /-6

Contact IC Card: ISO7816

Contactless RF Card: ISO 14443-A/B

Card Size

86L x 55W mm (0.76~1.0mm thickness)

Power Supply

DC24V±5%, 3A

Quiescent Current


Default Baud Rate


Card Stacker Capacity


Capture Bin Capacity

10-15 pcs (0.76mm standard card)

Service Life

Issuing Life: 1,000,000 passes min.

Magnetic Head: 1500,000 passes min.

IC Contact: 500,000 passes min.

Operation Environment

Temperature: 0°C to 50°C

Humidity: 0 to 90% RH without condensation

Storage Environment

Temperature: -10°C to 60°C

Humidity: 0 to 90% RH without condensation




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